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Wondering How to create SEO friendly Website? Check this Now!!

Are you done with designing and idealizing your brand new website? But designing a professional website with incorporating stunning theme is not sufficient enough to make sure of better ranking on search engines. In order to make SEO friendly website, you will need to follow proper SEO strategies.

You may go for a comprehensive research on how to make search engine friendly websites so that you can be able to get proper ranking in search engine’s research and shower a huge traffic on your website. Getting rank on search engines is not so easy, as there are billions of website on the internet.

Every search engine like Google, have their own algorithm to find the best content for their readers. There are certain guidelines through which search engines provide the awesome result to the end users. There are certain tricks and tips through which you can make your website on the first page of search engines.

Implement Keywords on Distinct Positions:

When talking about search engine optimization, keywords play a key role for ranking and making a SEO friendly website. But this simply doesn’t mean that you can stuff the keywords at any place you want in the content. Actually, search engines hate keyword stuffing. The best and smart way to use keyword is LSI keywords. These long tail keywords can help you rank faster even if your website is new. You should use your keywords in Alt Tags and Titles. The other best places are heading tags, footer links, Meta tags and description where you can use your keywords also.


Simple Website Navigation:

Your website should be easy to navigate for the users as well as the crawlers. You can implement the best navigation technique by putting the navigation link on the top of the page. A better navigation system can result in a better website. This can be helpful for both your users and the crawlers.


Add Sitemap for your website:

For any search engine, a sitemap can be a really useful tool as with help of this they can know about all the pages of your websites. This not only enhances the indexing speed of your website through the search engine crawlers but also helps in better ranking of your website.


SEO-friendly URL Structure:

If you are planning to make SEO friendly website, then you should not ignore the SEO friendly URL structure. Every page of your website should have proper and SEO friendly URL structure so both the search engine crawler and the user can detect information you are providing through your website easily. An ideal URL structure of your website can be as below:

So by implementing some of these easy steps you can make your SEO friendly website and get tons of traffic from search engines. Please share your thought regarding the article suggest if you have some other ideas to implement.

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