Video calling or video conversation via Skype, MSN, Google+ Hangout or MSN has become essential in the daily life of many individuals. It permits you to communicate face to face with people staying in far off regions that too free of charge. However, what if someone owns a desktop with no webcam? Well, in that case you can use Android phone as Webcam.

Awesome trick to use Android Phone as Webcam:

Could your smart phone be true to its title and provide an intelligent solution to this? The technological advancement in Android programs has made this possible too. Given below are just three such programs that allow you to use your phone camera as Webcam without you spending a single cent.


IP Webcam:

IP Webcam turns your own Android device into a system camera with multiple viewing options. You can view your camera onto any stage with VLC player or web browser. There are lots of web renderers to select from specifically Flash, Javascript or built-in. It has motion detection with the audio trigger.

The IP webcam has detector data acquisition with online web graphing. It employs a universal MJPEG video streaming driver to stream videos for both Windows and Linux platforms.

Droid Cam:

This tool transforms your Android device into a wireless webcam and let you talk on Skype, Google+ and other similar programs. The Droid Cam works with a PC Client component that installs the webcam drivers and joins the computer with the Android device.

It is totally free and gives you unlimited use. You may link over USB cable or even wirelessly via Wi-Fi. The best part is that it does not consume a lot of your phone’s battery or phone space like other big annoying programs available in the Play Store.

 Smart Cam:

Smart Cam is just another unique software which operates via Bluetooth with both audio and video attribute letting you use android phone as webcam. You can alter the resolution, unlike Droid Cam, therefore it gets booted there. Its installation is straightforward and provides various connectivity options like Wifi, USB or Bluetooth.

The Settings menu on your SmartCam program, select your connection type and configure your own Bluetooth or Wi-fi settings (enter the regional IP address of your pc as the “remote server”; the interface probably won’t have to be altered). In the SmartCam computer application settings, choose your connection type the same as you did in the phone program. Now, in the phone program’s menu, click on the Link WI-Fi or Bluetooth button. In Skype or Gmail conversation, video settings pick “SmartCam” as the origin.


DroidCam is my personal favorite, as it is easier to install. However, all three works great on Wi-Fi connections. And if you are considering connection over Bluetooth then nothing can be a better option than the SmartCam. It allows high-quality audio transmission. So selecting the best of these three is the matter of taste. You can install any one of them and use android phone as webcam.

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