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Trick To Send Blank Messages On WhatsApp!!

We always like to perform with all the tricks for fun or possibly the prank with our friends. Keeping the interesting side in mind, we are sharing the trick to send blank messages on WhatsApp and prank on your friends. The trick is simple and can be implemented on Android OS.


Blank Messages on WhatsApp

 As soon as the WhatsApp had arrived on each smartphone, most of us tried to create the blank message either with a number of distances or with another character. We have seen our friends posting blank posts on FB or sending us the blank messages on WhatsApp or messenger. The trick to send the blank messages on Whatsapp is like putting up the sterile opinions on the FB which infrequently people understand to use.

To understand how to send blank messages on WhatsApp, we’ve got three approaches which may be utilised as the alternative to our subscribers. You may be comfortable with either anyone or two. The only aim to send the blank messages around the WhatsApp is to play pranks on the friends. They might attempt to answer you with all the blank messages also, but trust us, they won’t triumph. If you’ve got the Android OS, then no one can currently prevent you to perform the prank with your friends. There are lots of procedures to accomplish this, but we’ve handpicked the top three ways to send blank messages on WhatsApp.

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3 Tricks to Send Blank Messages on WhatsApp

NoWord App

If you’re convenient and comfortable with all the applications, then we’ve got the very best android app for you. The NoWord program is your third party application for your Android device.  With this app, it is possible to send blank messages on WhatsApp. There are numerous other such apps, but the NoWord android application is best. To install the program:

  • Open settings> security> unidentified sources
  • You can download the No Word App from the link below.
  • Following the NoWord installation, launching the program in the file explorer.
  • The launching screen of this app will be a sterile empty box, and under it, you will have the send tab.
  • Click on the link, and you will have the list of application on which, you’d like to send the blank message.
  • Select Whatsapp and then Choose the contact/Whatsapp group in the Whatsapp application. Your blank message will be transmitted to the contact.

Unidentified Character

This is the process which may be used from any smart device. You can download the it either on PC/ notebook or perhaps on a smartphone. You can find such unidentified characters in the Google or require the assistance from the post here.

  • First of all, download it from link. If you’re downloading the link onto the PC, then move the file into the Android device with the USB cable.
  • Open the downloaded section in the text editor program
  • Duplicate the program; the character will probably be between “”
  • Glue the personality onto the Whatsapp dialogue
  • Eliminate the “” symbols after pasting it. Otherwise, the message will not be viewed as sterile by other subscribers.
  • After the “” is eliminated, you can hit the send button and prank all of your friends.


With this system, you will need to find PC or notebook. The notepad on PC/ laptop is easily the most useful thing, and this trick is done by note pad only.

  • Open notepad editor on PC/ notebook
  • Now in the notepad, type ALT+255 or ALT+0160
  • After you typed both keys mentioned above on your notepad, you’ll be able to see the blank space in your notepad.
  • Now save the text that is blank onto the PC/ notebook. You may also replicate the blank area with the CTRL+C on the computer.
  • Now you can send the file from the PC into android device either from USB cable or Bluetooth in a notebook.
  • You can save the file on PC/ notebook with the title, Blankspace.txt file and also same title can be opened to the android device with any text viewer like notepad.
  • Open the Blankspace.txt file on the text viewer and then replicate the blank area by holding on it.
  • Open the WhatsApp and then choose any contact to which you’d like to send the blank message. You may also send the blank message into the WhatsApp group.
  • Paste the copied content on your WhatsApp chat window and then hit the send button.
  • You’ve successfully sent the blank message onto the WhatsApp.


So, these are 3 best ways to send Blank Messages on WhatsApp easily and prank to your friends. If you have some other tricks then you can contribute to the article by sharing us in comments section.


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