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Excellent Guide to Remove Stock Apps from Android Phone

With the advancement of technology, we have progressed towards a digital world. Well, today, 99% of people are using smartphones, and therefore, the mobile phone companies are coming up with new techniques and facilities. However, being an owner of Android, it is, of course, our duty to have knowledge on every corner of the mobile. After you buy an android mobile, you will definitely find out that there are certain apps available in your mobile that generally comes up when you are buying it. That means these applications are in-built in your android phone. This post is dedicated to trick to remove stock apps from android.


Among these applications, there are some which are of no use. Hence, while installing any kind of useful application, you may find an alert that you have insufficient storage space. Regardless to say that, those inbuilt useless apps are the main cause of your storage fulfillment. At this point, we are generally left out with no clue on how to remove those unwanted apps from our mobile phone. Gallery, contacts, mailbox, and calculator etc. are some of the apps that are in-built and we use them on a regular basis. But, on the other hand, there are some of the apps that are unwanted and we call them bloatware and one of them is Stock apps. Unless you are interested in the stock market, you find these stock apps to be useless. A survey has reported that a very small part of people is using these inbuilt stock apps, right now. So, what about those rest of the people who don’t have any kind of interest in it? Is there no other chance to remove stock apps from android phone?

People always search for how to uninstall preinstalled apps on android with root or uninstall system apps android without root. So, here we have come up with the possible walkways by following which you can easily get rid of the stock apps on your mobile phone –

The native method:

This first approach of removing bloatware may not be quite effective for you. However, most of the individuals prefer removing stock apps in this way –

  • So, first, you have to go to your application manager that appears in the settings area of your phone.
  • Under this application manager, you can see a page coming up with different names such as – running, all, disabled.
  • Now, select the ‘All’ tab to get the list in an alphabetic manner and start uninstalling the useless apps one by one.
  • Here, you first have to click on the option Force Stop and then tap on Disable to remove stock apps from android mobile.

Remove stock apps from android without root:

Another method to get rid of bloatware without root is as described below –

  • Here, first, you have to click on the settings tab on your device and then go to the About Phone option. Here, you have to tap on the Build Number option repetitively almost for 7 times.
  • Now, you can see a developer option is appearing in front of you.
  • Right from the developer option, you have to go to the USB Debugging option and enable it as well.
  • Now, switch on your PC or laptop and download the Debloater tool. Once you find the installation has completed, just connect the mobile to the laptop or PC using USB cable.
  • Once your system detects the device, you’ve to select read the phone packages tab and a list will appear in front of you. From here, you can mark the stock apps and delete them from your device.

Well, all the steps mentioned above are easy to follow and smoother to apply. So, just go ahead and make your android bloatware free today!

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