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70 Most Useful Websites on The Internet

We all are living in an age where internet has become crucial for all. Most of time internet proves to be a pretty overwhelming place. It has not only made life of people so easy but also enjoyable. There are plenty of websites from which we can learn a lot of things.  This post is dedicated to most useful websites on the internet. These websites can help us in study, in cooking, travelling, enjoyment, watching movies, and connecting with different people around the globe.

With these list of sites you can search the best movies, watch online TV, create your school project, chat anonymously, search awesome websites, transfer your file online etc. There are lot of occasions when we try to find out such websites and these websites are very hard to find. This is why we are here with some cool and most useful websites on the Internet.

So what are you waiting for let’s dig into the list of these most useful websites 2017 that can easily grab your eyeballs.

List of Most Useful websites on the Internet

1 AlternativeTo One of the most useful websites on our list, shows you best alternative lists of any Websites and apps.
2 Google.Com/History See Your Search History
3 Compress PNG images easily without loosing image quality.
4 A collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards.
5 Difference Between online knowledge base of articles discussing the differences between similar terms and things
6 Test your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code right inside your browser.
7 Convert Text Website URLs to Links in Bulk
8  Humor yourself with the funniest memes.
9 Write and send a note to someone which will get deleted by itself after they read.
10 Paint online and print it
11 Record videos of your desktop and post them straight to YouTube.
12 DuckDuckGo A search engine that doesn’t track you or store any personal information
13 Evernote  Most highly rated and indispensable tool for note taking, organizing and archiving
14 Hide My Ass! VPN service to ensure total online privacy and streaming freedom
15 Honey Automatically search for the best coupon codes and apply them while shopping online
16 Imgur The best place to share and enjoy the most awesome images on the internet
17 Netflix Watch or stream some of the coolest movies & TV shows online on Netflix
18 OldVersion.Com Find Out Older Version Of Any Software
19 File.Io Snapchat For File Sharing
20 PrintFriendly Print Any Web Page In A Print Friendly Format
21 PopCornTime Watch Free Movie And TV Shows Instantly
22 Duolingo.Com Learn New Languages For Free And In An Interesting Way
23 CamelCamelCamel.Com  Price Drop Alert For Big E-Commerce Websites
24 QClock  Find Local Time Of A Place
25 Best answers to your questions given by smartest people around the world.
26 Set up a small chatroom within seconds and have fun
27 Transfer big size files for free.
28 Can’t think of any domain name or name of your new business? DomainHero has got all the suggestions!
29 Measure the performance of your site
30 Send a fax for free.
31 The trending GIFs and all about them. It is one of the most trending and Most useful Websites on the Internet today.
32 Having trouble pronouncing a word? Go Forvo!
33 Create Amazing Graphic Images and banner using canva
34 Find info about pretty much anything. The Encyclopedia of almost everything.
35 Coolest and most adorable name suggestions for your newborn.
36 Know the reviews and ratings on your favorite or yet-to-read books.
37 Measure the performance of your site.
38 Learn who is hosting a particular website
39 Know all about Real Estate
40 Get and give micro-jobs to people all around the world for as little as $5. One of the Most useful Websites on the Internet today for any blogger or business owner.
41 Really cool website that automatically installs and updates popular programs on your Windows PC all at once
42 Slideshare Upload, share and discover presentations on your favorite topics on this website
43 Test the speed, quality and performance of your Internet Connection with this interactive broadband speed test
44 TypeRacer Improve your typing speed by racing against others
45 Jotti  Free service that lets you scan suspicious files with several anti-virus programs
46 Magastack.Com Read Magazines For Free
47 Mixlr.Com Create Live Audio Broadcast
48 JustDelete.Me Collection Of Direct Links To Delete Your Profile At Websites
49 Sumopaint.Com Use Microsoft Paint Like Software Online
50 SkiPlagged.Com Find Cheapest Flights In Nearest Date Range
51 Google Translate Translate Anything
52 Homestyler.Com Cool Site For Designing Your Home In 3D
53 PushBullet.Com Phone Notification On Your Desktop
54 Pastebin.Com Paste Any Text Instantly
55 PolishMyWriting.Com Check Grammar And Spellings
56 PixaBay  Copy Right Free Images For You
57 Kiddle  Safe Search Engine For Kids Only By Google
58 Noteflight.Com Create Melodious Music Online In Browser
59 HundredZeros.Com Download Free E Books
60 Strangermeetup.Com Random Chat With Strangers Anonymously
61 Youtube.Com/Tv Watch Youtube In A TV Mode
62 VirusTotal.Com Scan Files Before Installing. For Suspicious Files
63 Namechk.Com Simultaneously Search Username Availability At All Websites
64 Plunker Online community for creating, collaborating on and sharing your web development ideas
65 CV Maker Helpful website to create professional resumes
66  BoredButton  Feeling bored? Just press the bored button and prepare to be amazed
67 A platform to easily create your very own free web page and highlight your talents
68 Write a letter to your future self
69 URL shortener provided by Google.
70 Yellow Highlighter Pen for web pages

We have personally selected all these Most useful Websites on the Internet. In case if you have any other websites for suggestions then you can write us in the comments section. Please share this post with your friends on social media channels like Facebook and twitter, because Sharing is Caring.

Note: This list will be updated frequently. So keep visiting this page!!

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