Know More About LSI Keywords For SEO – Benefits And Uses

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) depends upon on user search patterns and changes all the time based on the current trend. LSI keywords for SEO are essential keywords used in SEO and are related to the keywords that the user is searching for. According to Google, the use of LSI keywords can make your page ranking better. Let’s discuss LSI keywords, their benefits, and the uses.


Using LSI keywords 

Earlier, the web page was stuffed with keywords to trick the search engine to boost the web page ranking. That is, you can easily improve the rank by bumping the keyword density by 10-12%. But this approach didn’t last long after the advent of Google Panda algorithm and Google Hummingbird.
But you still need to pay the attention to keyword density which can be achieved with LSI keywords.

Improve overall SEO experience: The smart use LSI keywords for SEO can improve the Google ranking of your web page.

Rank in the SERP for a long time: LSI keywords enhance the possibility that the rank of your web page will last long in the SERP and significantly improve with the time.

Protect the website from penalty: The keyword stuffing technique is outmoded. Search engines charge penalties if they find any kind of keyword stuffing. Use LSI keywords for SEO to protect you from any penalty.

Optimal keyword density: Keyword density is the percentage of occurrence of keywords in an article. It is very important to achieve the optimal keyword density in an article. Otherwise, Google may have difficulty in understanding the focus of your article. On the other hand, the overuse of keywords (keyword stuffing) may result in over-optimization and penalty.
The use of LSI keywords for SEO instead of unwanted keywords may improve your SEO score.

Ways to Find LSI Keywords for SEO

Nowadays, the various types of LSI keywords generator are available. These tools and plug-ins can help you to find the LSI keywords for your post.
But the best way is Google to search for LSI keywords. The Google Adword tool is considered as the best tool for LSI keywords searches. Else, you can use the Google search bar itself to find LSI keywords.


The more use of different LSI keywords improves Google ranking and it makes sense because people search for the same keywords in different ways. Use LSI keywords in an article – in the main article, the heading, the image, anchor text etc.

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