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How to Install Android Oreo Pixel Launcher On any Android Device Without Root

Android Oreo 8.0 is the latest version of Android launched by Google a couple of days ago. Since then the internet is filled with its updates. At present, just the Google Pixel and Nexus phones have received the update. But it is expected to roll out to other Android devices in the coming months. But now you can have a feel like android Oreo in any android smartphone with Android Oreo Pixel Launcher.

The fact is that the majority of all Android devices still haven’t received the Android Oreo update. But the programmers are working hard to interface the characteristics and  performances. They are tweaking exclusive wallpapers and ringtones to other Android phones to give a sense of Android Oreo 8.0. On this note, a programmer at Reddit has now released the interface of this Pixel launcher out of Android Oreo.

Anyone can download the Android Oreo Pixel Launcher and then install it. It doesn’t require root to operate and now supports any Android phone running Android Marshmallow and above versions.

Pixel Launcher for Any Android: Download

Characteristics of Android Oreo Pixel Launcher

The Android Oreo’s pixel launcher’s in general design is similar to that of all Android Nougat. But it comes with a couple of new features like Adaptable app badges, long pressing program icons to get shortcuts and notifications. Some others are Google search widget with information and weather along with some other minor tweaks.

The Pixel launcher also automatically asks you to give accessibility to notifications just after the installation. The pull down feature lets you get the quick settings in your home screen and pull up to get the program drawer.

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The most useful characteristic in this Android Oreo Pixel Launcher is you could get the notifications of these supported programs right in the program icon. Only long press on the icon of the program in your house display to get and execute actions on the notifications.

By way of instance, if you receive any new email, you can long press on the Gmail icon in your home display to respond, view or dismiss the notification.  You need not to pull down the notification drawer. If you clear the notification from the program icon, it will also be eliminated from the notifications color.

The notification along with the ability to modify the form of icons or using icon packs aren’t available for many phones as of today. The programmer might probably rectify this in the future updates of this Pixel Launcher of all Android Oreo.

If you want to know more about the development process, you may take a peek at the source code from here. Be certain that before you download and install the Android Oreo Pixel Launcher APK to get Android Oreo, no additional instance of it is running on your phone. You might find an error if you attempt to do this.

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