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How To Unfriend on Facebook (All Friends in One Click)!!

Nowadays everyone has Facebook accounts and has lots of friends on Facebook, but we have many friends on Facebook whom we didn’t understand, and we don’t wish to chat with them. So to unfriend these kinds of unidentified friends, it takes too much time to unfriend all one by one. But, how to unfriend on Facebook to all friends at once?

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Facebook provides many services to link with our relatives and friends. Facebook offers its service in so many countries. Your relatives or family members are extremely far from us then also you can chat, share pictures, and videos by using Facebook. Nowadays except some peoples, some men love to send friend requests to unknown persons and accept the request of the unknown person. They attempt this since they need to increase their followers, likes on pictures, and for more views and popularity on Facebook. But if they feel irritated for nasty friend’s post they need to unfriend their all Facebook friends, and it is too much harder to unfriend your all Facebook friends at after. Are you aware that you cannot increase likes and profile views on Facebook even if your own 5000 friends? Yes, more number of friends doesn’t mean a huge number of likes.

Therefore, if you require just close friends and relatives and family members in your friend list subsequently you first have to clear your unfriend all Facebook friends at after and then send a friend request to only your relatives and not to the unknown persons. Here I am going to share the best approach how to unfriend on Facebook with just one click from the Facebook account. You just need to stick to these measures here carefully. You may also use this procedure to add your all requests, delete your all friend requests, eliminate all Facebook groups, confirm all friend requests, remove Facebook pages like, unfollow all Facebook friends, remove all Facebook group, etc.

If you really wish to unfriend your, all Facebook friends then follow these actions given below. Here in these measures I will let you know the very best and easy method

Requirements: –

  • PC
  • Chrome browser
  •  Little brain

How to unfriend on Facebook in just one click:

  • First of all open Google Chrome internet browser and log in to your Facebook
  • Download Facebook toolkit extension.
  • Select add to extension button and confirm to the new
  • After adding Facebook extension proceed to the Facebook home page.
  • Now in the very best of right corner click on Facebook toolkit extension logo and establish it.
  • Just click on “removal tools“. Navigate to removal tool options and click on unfriend all Facebook friends.
  • Now click on “unfriend all friends“. It will require an easy question to verify.
  • Done!! It will start to unfriend your all Facebook friends

 So friends now you’ve successfully removed your all friends from your friend list. This Facebook extension tool additionally is used for numerous functions. So this is the answer of how to unfriend on Facebook at the same time. In this tutorial, you need to utilize social tool extension by which you’ll be able to unfriend all friends on Facebook in one click. But this takes so much time since it is too slow. So you can also try out another Facebook tool by which you can eliminate your entire Facebook friends within minutes, but it takes too much less time compared to other.

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