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Step By Step Guide: How To Make Money With a Blog!!

So, you want to get rich, huh? Well, the fact is everyone does. Everyone wants to become rich. Everyone is trying to look for that medium which will turn this dream into a reality. If you have a blog, you already have a platform to make money. However, you need to know How to make money with a blog.

The fact is everyone, almost everyone, as a matter of fact, has a blog. Yet, not everyone knows how to use that blog and earn a few bucks. This is not easy, to be frank. Just by having a blog would not help you get rich. However, this is not impossible either. There are people who are earning money through their blogs. There is just one catch with blogs that earn huge bucks – it takes time. Yes, there is not get wealthy quick scheme when it comes to run your blog and turn it into a money making the machine.

There are ways to monetize a blog. If you are wondering How to make money with a blogthen all you have to do is to follow our guidelines and tactics. You would have to play it systematically, though. Everything is planned and there is a plan in everything. Therefore, planning your moves would be the wisest thing to do when you are about to use your blog to earn money.

Methods To Know How To make Money With a Blog:

Affiliate Marketing

This is an effective marketing strategy. In fact, this is one of the most effective strategies which can help you earn a lot of money using your blog. You can select products to promote them on your blog. This way, you would be able to earn products on each sale from a certain link. If this strategy appeals to you, there is a strategy which you can use. Try to find products that are selling in the market. You need to plan out the promotional events. You would also have to create promotional newsletters to evoke people’s interest about the product. There is more than one source from where you can find the products of your choice. If you play it correct, you will surely get a customer base who will buy your products and help you earn money.

Commission junction can offer an effective answer to your question How to make money with a blog. This networking site presents a large number of product choices. It also offers payment on the right time facility.

If you are interested in clothes and fashion accessories, ShareASale will help you get useful products. These goods you can choose and promote on your blog. Here you need to use your email newsletter properly. To sell off fashion products you need to seduce the buying senses of the people. The success totally depends on how well you can create the email and how well you can assess the human psychology. You see fashion does not appeal to everyone. Therefore, you need to know how to make them interested. For this, you need to have proper writing skill and the right way of approaching people.

Selling Ad Space

This is yet another way of making money through your blog. Selling ad space might be an old school idea, but, it does work even today. This basic idea needs to be used properly if you really want to know How to make money with a blog. You have the luxury of dealing with it manually. However, there are two likely ways to use this strategy effectively. One of the ways is to use networking and another way is to use plugins. These two ways will eventually automate the process. However, you would have to let people know that you are selling off spaces for the ad. There are some networking sites which will make this task easy.

BuySellAds this is considered to be the most famous sites which can get you connected to advertisers. This is the platform which can get you together with the people looking for ad spaces. WP AdCenter is another platform which can help you earn money by selling ad space. The plugin is for WordPress blogs. It not only very popular, it is very effective as well.

E-commerce Website

E-commerce Websites are the latest trend that simplifies the query ‘How to make money with a blog’. Why is that? Why people are so inclined to create e-com websites when it comes to monetizing their blogs or websites?

Of course, you can earn money by placing content on your blog. However, the chance of earning money will increase, if you just set up an online store and try to sell products. This can be a 100% profit creating idea. There are many resources that can assist you in monetizing your blog. Shopify is a popular site which comes with many features that will come handy in monetizing your blog. Highwire, this is a hosted platform for e-com websites. You can sell this off to Facebook and Ebay. Magento is an extremely famous open source platform which will solve your woes of How to make money with a blog.

WordPress Affiliated Plugins

WordPress is the most famous CMS which is being used to build blogs and websites. There are millions of sites that are using WordPress for the sake of running their blogs. WordPress offers a range of affiliated plugins which will automate the links. These are created to prevent time loss. These can automate the system as well.

In Text Ads

If you want to know about the most famous platform which is loved by all the bloggers, this is it. This is one of the most creative ways to include ads inside. It can be used to add the features at the end and even at the corner part of the content as well. According to various researchers, these kind of Ads are visitor’s favorite and they more often click on them. Therefore, if you are looking to earn money using your blog and selling off products, this strategy might be of use. For This purpose, countless Bloggers use Google AdSense which is quite a popular platform. It is also the easiest one which you can use to earn money. Clicksor is another great way to which you can solve your How to make money with a blog question easily.

Your Own Affiliate Program

Those who have online stores would be benefited from launching their own marketing program. Remember that there are several limitations to promote a product on a blog. You need to create a plan to overcome these limitations and make the proper sale so that you can succeed in earning money. The best to do this is to find help. For this, You need to get in touch with those people who are already in the business.

You would have to seek their help in promoting the products of choice. You can offer them the large commission on each sale. If you are looking for a quick answer to How to make money with a blog question, this is the one. iDevAffiliate is a great software which gives you many affordable programs to manage your blog. Post Affiliate Pro offers you the luxury to sit back in peace and see your business grow. However, to use it properly you need to make the right plan.

Selling Membership

There are many bloggers who earn money by selling membership. This gives you an excellent option to turn your blog or your website into a money magnet. There are resources which will help you find right options to sell memberships. Those who have blogs on designs or development will be able to use this strategy for their maximum benefit as there are so many blogs which are dealing with the similar things. These blogs offer software to sell memberships. All you have to do is try them to start earning money from your blog.

Sponsored Posts

Many people solve the how to make money with a blog problem by publishing posts that are sponsored. However, there is one problem with this strategy. To make people turn to you for sponsored posts, you would need to make your blog popular first. This is a great strategy which will allow you to leverage the fame of your blog or website.

Uploading Podcast

Numerous bloggers are uploading podcast in their websites and blogs to make money. This is the modern generation’s way of monetizing their blogs. However, to make this strategy work, you would have to be really skilled at creating podcasts.


When you are trying to find the answer to the question how to make money with a blog, you would need some special pointers. Firstly, blogs take the time to yield money. You would have to stick to it and keep working if you want to be rich by using your blog. Another important thing to remember is – you would have to keep experimenting. You would have to allow yourself to fail at something. One strategy might not work. However, you would have to think of some other strategy which will surely work for you.

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