Let me gonna share yet again a very useful topic “Hide Files Inside Any Image File”. Hiding information or any important document is something everyone feels the need to do, at one point or the other, we have felt a need to keep some data on our machines hidden from everyone else who might get their hands on the same machine and what better way to hide data than in plain sight. Right? But what you ended up doing is either you put it somewhere you can’t find it or unable to do it properly. So, here is the proper way to Hide Files Inside Any Image File.


Steps To Hide Files Inside Any Image File

Step 1

First, you have to copy the file(s) you like to hide and the image to your desktop. Select the files you want to hide, by pressing Ctrl+C, go to your desktop, and press Ctrl+V, then do the same with the image you want to use.

Step 2

Second, Now right-click on the file you like to hide and then click on the send to option. Then click on compressed (Zipped) folder option.

Step 3

Now, enter a name for the ZIP folder. Once the ZIP folder appears, type in whatever you want to name the ZIP folder and then press Enter. Try to use a one-word name,that makes the work easy.

Step 4

Then Write click on the zipped file and go to properties. Now, Copy the image’s location. Click and then drag the mouse cursor across the address to the right of the Location” heading, then do Ctrl+C. This will ensure that you enter the right path to your files correctly.

Now go to the search bar of your computer, type Command Prompt and open it. Change the directory to your desktop.

Here is the tricky part.

  • First type in cd and press the spacebar, then press Ctrl+V to paste in the copied address and press Enter.
  • Now copy the code written in the bold letters and paste it at Command Prompt: copy /b image extension ,where “image.extension” should be replaced by the image’s name and its extension. Then press enter.
  • Now to view your hidden file, first install WinRAR if you don’t have it. Then open File Explorer and click the View tab. Now go to the image file you choose, right-click on it, and click Rename. Replace the image file’s extension with “rar”. Then just click enter and then click yes. That’s it, your file is hidden and no one can know about it except you. These were some steps to hide files inside any image file.

Hope this article would be helpful to you and now you can very easily hide files inside any image file.

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