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If you are presently facing the 500 internal server errors in WordPress message when you attempt to access your site, it’s annoying. WordPress internal server error basically expresses you that your site cannot be used because somewhat is wrong anywhere, but the system has no sign where. It would rather to worry, find solution from developers or service help providers. They quickly fix WordPress 500 internal server error.

Or else, you can continue to follow instruction from website how to fix WordPress 500 internal server error and do it by yourself.

Some Reasons for internal Server Error:

    • .htaccess file errors


    • Disabled plugin or current theme


    • Corrupted WordPress core file


  • Increase PHP Memory Limit

Ways to Fix WordPress 500 Internal Server Error:

  • The .htaccess (Hypertext Access) file is a configuration file that is used to control the directory it lives in and all the child directory inside the host directory.If you can log in to your WordPress Admin area, Go to Settings -> Permalinks, just click on “Save Changes” button without really changing any settings. Generate new .htaccess file. Reload your webpage to see if the error has been corrected. If the error persists, it requires you logging into your FTP server, or choose Control Panel .Logged in, navigate to “public_html” or “www” directory and double-click. Allow “show hidden files”.Click and select “rename”, append “_old” to the file name i.e. “.htaccess_old” and then save.


  • While executing codes, the server needs enough memory to complete the execution task, WordPress has been optimized to handle memory limit just fine. When memory limit increases, then WordPress will not be able to use all the 64MB as hosting service provider allocation overrule the WordPress allocation. Log to FTP server, navigate to your public html directory, “wp-config.php.” select “View/Edit”, a prompt box may pop up asking you to select an editor, select the default. Immediately after the “<?php”, go to new line(press enter) and type the code “define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘64M’);”. Save the file and reload your web page.


  • Logged into your FTP server, locate and double-click “public html” directory inside the directory, click the “wp-content” directory. If the error has been isolated to plugin issue, rename the “plugins” directory and append “_deactivated” i.e. “plugins deactivated”, this action will prevent WordPress from loading your plugins, thus correcting the error.Locate your current theme’s directory, right-click on the folder and rename to something else. This action will force WordPress to load the default theme. Reload your webpage to see if the error has been corrected.


  • WordPress core files can also yield to virus attack, thus altering their code structure and resulting in Internal Server Error. When this happens, the first step is to back up your database to local disk or “wp-contents” directory. The next step is to reset your website from Control Panel. And re-install the WordPress script.


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