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How To Get Disposable Phone Number For various OTP bypass services!!

Many times, people need fake mobile numbers for verifying or bypassing various services through OTP. There are many apps who offers the same service. One can use a disposable phone number to create Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and so many other accounts along with verifying for various giveaways, trials, and deals.

In this article, I am going to tell you how to get a free phone number for all kind of fake verification and OTP bypass. With these tricks, you can get free phone numbers of various countries like UK, USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia etc.

Method to get Disposable Phone Number for OTP Verification

There are many ways in particular for verifying through a fake number. But here I will show you genuine numbers which you can also use for personal purposes. All you need to have an android phone as you can get these free phone numbers with the help of various Android Apps. Take a look at the list of free apps with which you can do whatever you want.

Talkatone Texts & Calls App:

This is a free solution for Texts and Call through android devices. All you need to do is to download the app and sign up for a new account. And you will get a disposable phone number of US. You can now make free calls and SMS to Canada/YS phone Numbers even on landlines. You can get free unlimited calling by completing their very simple and easy tasks and offers.

Talk2 Mobile App:

Talk2 is another free Android app which provides you free phone number from Philippine for free. You can use this number for various types of service verifications like WhatsApp, Facebook, and other OTP essentials. You can also utilize this number for making calls and SMS. So, what are you waiting for make an account and get your new Number!


In case if you need a Malaysian phone number then you should go with the Voopee Android app. Voopee enables you simply to make text and call for other Voopee phone numbers. You can easily utilize this service for getting a disposable phone number.


If you are in search of Canadian disposable phone number than this app is the right fit for you. You can simply use this app for any kind of OTP verification. The app can help you in making WhatsApp, Facebook account along with other calling facilities.


This is another best platform for creating a fake mobile number to have free services like SMS and calling worldwide. All you need a valid internet connection and an account in TextPlus to grab your disposable phone number.

You can use any of these apps to get your own disposable phone number to create WhatsApp and Facebook profiles. These numbers can help you to verify various OTP barriers in giveaways and offers. The best part is that these numbers are your personal and you can use them for free calling and texting worldwide.


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