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Know About the Best SMS Apps for Android


Text messaging is among the foremost standard ways that to speak within the whole world. It’s quick, easy to do, and it doesn’t would like you to pause what you’re doing as phone calls do. we have a tendency to do perceive that several individuals still like the human bit of talking on the phone and that we respect that. So, do you want know about the best SMS apps for Android.


List Of Best SMS Apps For Android

Android Messages 

Android Messages is Google’s official SMS app, and it options an easy interface and many of options for the typical user while not going overboard with bells and whistles. It conjointly supports Google’s RCS options, which permit for iMessage or WhatsApp-like options like browse receipts and bigger file transfers as long as your carrier supports it. If you are simply trying to find a dependable, easy text messenger which will work well, support RCS, and do MMS right, robot messages have you and that is why it comes in the list of best SMS app for Android.

Textra SMS App 

A long-time favourite, Textra may be a clean-looking SMS app with many options for hardcore users. Textra offers a slew of customization choices with varied theme colours, notifications, and per-contact settings. need to form your text messages seem like iMessage? Textra will look surprisingly like Associate in Nursing iPhone. need to line special colours and notification tones for texting your adult male versus texting your parents? Textra is there to assist.

Pulse SMS 

Pulse SMS is a remarkable and really, terribly customizable text electronic communication app in its claim, however that is not the $64000 draw for Pulse. The pulse may be a text electronic communication app that helps bring your text messages to any or all your alternative devices, too, from tablets to computers. it is a paid service — that is currently competitive with robot Messages’ free SMS-from-desktop service — however one that multi-device users can realize quickly pays for itself.

Mood Messenger 

Mood messenger needs to be a fusion of internet messengers and text messengers, and it’s definitely a tantalizing plan. If you have got enough folks that really use Mood to use it as a WhatsApp different, nice for you, except for the remaining people, Mood continues to be price a glance as a solid SMS app with a remarkable UI, dedicated themes, and glorious developer support.

Chomp SMS 

Chomp SMS has been around since the nice previous days of the robot and was one amongst the terribly 1st, dedicated third-party texting apps. it’s since evolved into Associate in the Nursing app that embraces Material style whereas still having many options and one more name added to the bucket of Best SMS apps for android.

Facebook Messenger 

We’ll be honest with you. Facebook messenger is not an excellent app. It uses plenty of battery, storage, and RAM. It conjointly has ads. However, chances are high that you simply have it on your device. Facebook has a lot of users and it seems you retain this around as a result of you have got those pet ones that simply will not switch to one thing higher.


QKSMS is among the only and best SMS apps. It’s open provide which is forever a pleasing bit. to boot, the app comes with a bunch of options. a number of them embrace privacy options like a blacklist, robot Wear support, and even some slap-up accessibility options. Usage is as you’d expect.

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Some Best Apps To Get Accurate Weather Reports


With dynamical seasons, it’s troublesome to stay a tab on changes in weather. you would possibly have spent hours in your workplace or reception and suddenly once you leave, it rains. Avoid obtaining stuck in such things and beginning mistreatment the superb weather apps offered for humanoid smartphones.

Few apps providing weather info return at a premium value, and these are strictly meant for people who rely on the weather daily. Meanwhile, enough free apps exist on the Google Play Store for obtaining the most effective doable info on the coming hours and days. Here could be a list of 5 weather apps that offer comprehensive info and a good computer program. Here is the list of some of the best android apps for weather report.


List of some best android apps for weather report


WeatherBug boasts of an outsized detector network that has ample weather info. The default home screen of the app shows details regarding the native weather with a spread of specifics like temperature, humidity, wind and pressure, and it conjointly provides weather alerts for the world. One will continuously check the forecast in daily, weekly and monthly formats. The app boasts of correct weather info to the extent that it may alert the user of lightning strikes. whether or not it’s native or international location, the app provides comprehensive info beside alerts for Thunderstorms, and inclemency alerts via push notifications.

The Weather Channel

This app integrates TruPoint statement technology beside the experience of over two hundred meteorologists to supply correct weather info. In fact, it offers hourly weather updates and conjointly predicts the precise time once severe weather can strike. The forecast periods embody hourly, 36-hour forecasts and ten-day forecasts. The app conjointly shows the past and future info as radars conferred in localised and quick maps. an outsized team of meteorologists works on the knowledge that’s conferred within the app and it conjointly permits the users to avoid wasting places as favourites. Widgets and notifications continuously offer the most recent noteworthy changes in the weather.


Most humanoid devices with custom user interfaces go along with a weather gizmo hopped-up by AccuWeather. there’s conjointly a standalone application, although bound options like push notifications are restricted solely to the United States of America. AccuWeather app has a straightforward to adapt computer program for swish navigation. The daily forecast includes a spread of data like pressure, winds, humidity, visibility, UV index, sunrise, and sunset. With such info, one will simply estimate the weather outside. One more name in the list of best android apps for weather report.

Yahoo! Weather

This service has been created offered since over a decade and currently, the app offers it too. Those seeking a fine looking and pleasing presentation layout of a weather app ought to concentrate on the current app. It shows a pleasant image with token info just like the temperature, whether state of affairs and rises moreover as dips within the temperature. Swipe down if you want to ascertain out the careful info, that conjointly includes a close forecast of the present location, 5-day forecast, radio detection and ranging, if rains are often expected and knowledge regarding the sun and therefore the moon.

GO Weather

This terribly neat wanting and customizable app comes from the select humanoid team. The GO Weather app brings careful weather info in a terribly very straightforward nonetheless neat wanting layout. The free version arrives with ads, which might be removed by paying for the premium version. The background of the app and therefore the gizmo is often dynamic whereas displaying the weather details.

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