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Best Free Voice Changer Apps for Android and iOS

Ever tried calling your friend with your modified voice? Ever considered playing a prank with your friend by calling with changing your voice into a robot, baby or girls? Well, honestly, all of us have tried it once. However, just a handful people have triumphed. Plus it is all because not each one of us is greatest in bringing out different voices and consequences. Now, however, we’ve got exactly the voice changing apps available, and I am here today with all the top free voice changer programs for Android and iOS.


List of Best Free Voice changer app for Android and iOS

Voice Changer Androbaby

This is a great tool to change your voice in different modes. Yes, it works differently than the name suggests, but is too cool app. You may just record your audio, apply in the impacts list including lethargic, monster, replicate, trembling, honey bee, kid, smurf and so forth.

Celebrity Voice Changer

In case you love a big title’s voice, and you have wished to say some interesting things in your most loved celeb’s voice, well, Celebrity Voice Changer application gives you the alternative. This free voice changer application gives you an opportunity to spoof various famous people together with heavily loved characters like Heisenberg, Hodor, Magneto along with other genuine and motion picture/TV characters. You can speak in their voice and case that it sounds excessively enjoyable, you may download the audio clip or discuss it. While the application because of today incorporates an enormous quantity of various celebrity voices, it is possible to ask for some more.

Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer Plus is just another superb trendy free voice changer application. In the first place, you have the opportunity to check over various sound impacts like Split, robot, mosquito, DJ, alarming spot and so forth. Also, it also incorporates that a “Bane” impact for all you TDKR fans. The application gives you an opportunity to import recorded clips or discuss them wherever you require. That is not everything; you can even trim clips to make things shorter and much more enjoyable. The application is accessible in a completely free form however the paid rendition communicates the capacity to trim audio, create ringtones, add your photographs to recordings and eliminates ads.

Voice Changer YalingTu

Another voice changer application that is later called Voice Changer nevertheless it brings in some cool features to keep you interested. The application brings the most current day interface, if you compare with different applications and keeping in mind that it brings only a few impacts in its free form, you can earn in-application purchases for resounding impacts and multi-track impacts. Because you might have guessed, the application gives you an opportunity to add multiple results on a voice. By way of instance, you may include a voice impact, in addition to some natural foundation audio for a superior impact. It is one of best free voice changer app for android.

Best Voice Changer

Overlooking the title, the finest free Voice Changer application is an entirely typical application. Dissimilar to most different applications in this rundown, it’s an entirely free application also it gives you an opportunity to utilize your personal particular music or audio records to modify their voices. In this manner, you may also include your most loved tracks or voices out of the companions or relatives also have a fantastic time. Like any voice changer application, it includes various cool impacts like robot, drunk, creature, the smurfs, god of death and so forth.

Voice Changer with Effects

Want Batman’s deep voice or Optimus Prime’s trendy robot voice. The Voice Changer with Effects application has you procured. The application brings lots of impacts which you could experiment with. There are a few cool and from this world impacts like extraterrestrial, basilica, the dim side, zombie and much more. You can record a trendy fresh sound with one of those impacts and afterward, discuss it, store it or perhaps set it as a ringtone. On the off probability that you resemble us, you’ve been searching for a voice changer application merely to say “I’m Batman!” And if this is valid, introduce this application today.


So these are some of the best free voice changer apps for Android and iOS. Selecting the best one out of them is totally matter of choice. You can go with celebrity voice changer or best voice changer, as they are my personally favorite.

If you have tried some other apps to change voice then you can suggest us to edit the list. Also if you have some doubts or queries on the post then you can write in the comments sections.

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