What is the best android Emulator for PC? Check out the list of 5 best Android emulators here!!

There come so many occasions when you need to run Android Apps on Your PC like gamers want to have some great experience on comparatively larger screens or Android developers want to debug their apps etc. But how can we do that? Of course!! With any emulators. Using Emulators can provide you with a lot of advantages. There are plenty of Android emulators available today in the market to run your Android apps on Windows PC. I have picked some of the best Android Emulator for PC which can make things easier for you. Let’s take a dive!

List of 5 best Android Emulator for PC


Bluestacks is one of the oldest and most popular Android emulators for PC based on Android 4.4 KitKat comes in both free and paid versions. This list might be incomplete without having Bluestacks in it. It is an HD android app player which comes with Google Play Store Pre-installed with it. This provides you to access over 2 million Android apps and games but you can also install APKs directly into it, which is quite an easier process.

This android Emulator for PC comes with the exclusive features which you cannot find in either of its competitors. Which includes the ability to live-stream to Facebook using Bluestacks TV and also Live-stream to Twitch. Along with this, the app player comes with multitasking support like original tablet. The free version of the emulator comes with plenty of annoying ads and asks you to install sponsored apps. But you can manage to get premium version which comes with the ad-free solution and premium support.

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Remix OS Player:

Remix OS is an operating system based exclusively on Android x86 project and can be installed on Windows PC or Mac. But if you have to deal with Android apps only them you need not install particular OS as there is a simple solution names ‘Remix OS Player’. This ‘FREE’ android emulator for PC is based on Android 6 marshmallow, but you must note that it doesn’t support some AMD chipsets and also needs Virtualization Technology enables in your system BIOS. This is the only emulator that runs on a higher version of android i.e. Marshmallow.

The Remix OS player supports Google Play store and you can download apps and games from millions of choices. The emulator is heavily optimized for gaming and provides an excellent experience for android games. Not only this, you are able to map keyboard buttons along with managing multiples games at a time on single screen. The app also provides plus point for the users, as one can manually set network type, location, signal strength, battery and so many things that can help you to debug the Android application.

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MEmu is another best android emulator for PC which runs on Android Lollipop. It is a high-performance emulator but comes with preinstalled package of Android jellybean. It can be upgraded to Lollipop by downloading additional Packages. The app is compatible with all kind of chipsets unlike Remix OS players like Intel, Nvidia, and AMD.

The app comes with preloaded Google play store which provides access to millions of games and apps. You can also install APKs manually and use MEmu push an app on your android device via USB cable. The Emulator allows you to do tweaks like keyword mapping and supports full-screen mode, screenshot tool etc.  This is a just awesome android tool but the only drawback is that it comes with a very old version of android. Yes, you can upgrade to lollipop but that also becomes old. Despite this, it is the best android emulator for PC.

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LeapDroid is another powerful Android Emulator for PC that was acquired by Google last year and shut down. But yes, you can still download it from the sources. Whatever the fact, this Emulator has still managed to be the perfect Android emulator.  It comes with Android KitKat along with Google Play Store and other apps like browser, camera etc.

It also allows you to install APKs directly from your PC and supports full-screen mode along with options to choose like rendering mode between OpenCL or DirectX. LeapDroid provides support to gestures, keyboard mapping, and stimulation of the pinch zoom using the scroll wheel of your mouse.

The only problem with this emulator is that it comes with Android KitKat and the company does not offer any support. This can provide you with the feel that you actually want and you should give it a try!!

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NOX Player:

Nox player is another solution for android emulators for PC based on Android KitKat and claims to provide high performance and advanced featured in it. You can see a lot of ticked boxes which shows its features so it can take a little time to start. The setting offers tweak with the CPU cores, RAM amount you want to allocate, FPS etc. It provides supports with two graphics rendering mode OpenGL and DirectX and lets you switch in between them while playing games.

The app comes with pre-installed Google Play store and lets you drag and drop APKs to installing specifically. The other functionalities like script record add more coolness as you can record specific events and replay them later. The best part is that the app comes with a rooted version of Android and also supports multiplayer features. The only drawback of this app is also the lower version of android. But it is much stronger as it supports external hardware GPS and gamepads. You can configure RAM and DPI according to you.

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Other Emulators:

Yes, as I have told before you may get a lot of plenty of android emulators, but these are the best of them. Some of other android emulators are KoPlayer, AndyOS, AMIduOS and Genymotion. These are not so good to be in the above list as you may have a problem with installation, chip support, and troubleshooting.  Along with these things, there is an official android emulator for PC that comes bundled with Android Studio. But this is also not suitable for every person as the only developer can have better access to it.

Final Words

Hence, this was my list of best android emulators that can run any kind of your android apps on your PC. The developers can also have so many benefits using android emulator for PC. Whether to play games or to watch movies and this time you can use it to watch latest IPL season with apps. In my personal perspective, I suggest you have MEmu or Nox player which are best of these. But choosing best of them is still the state of mind as it changes according to requirements.  So, which of these are your favorite android emulator for PC? Do you use some other Emulators that you want to have on this list? Please give your feedback about the list and let us know what you think in comments section.


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