Our Free Twitter follower’s tricks enable you to get free twitter followers! We are sharing with you quick and easy tricks that will help you get followers and connect with them straight away.

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First, the basics: What is Twitter all about?

Twitter is a social networking platform where users share their thoughts, news, information and jokes in 140 characters of text or less. It makes global communication cheap and is used as a powerful tool for business by helping you generate leads and build connections with your prospects.

But all the benefits can be availed only if you have ‘Followers’. If you have no followers, you can’t experience the benefits. But don’t fret, we are here to share, some useful tricks with you, to get free twitter followers!

There are certain words native to Twitter that you may already have heard in passing

  • Tweet: A 140-character message
  • Followers: Those who follow you on Twitter, are known as “Followers”. The followers have access to view your posts

The power and influence of your tweets largely depend on the number of followers you have. So, the more followers you have, the greater your influence.

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 In this article, we will consider free options to increase your followers, so you can reach out to a larger audience by acquiring many followers

The websites below are some of the websites, that help you get free twitter followers


One of the best ways, to get free twitter followers is Twimod! Twimod’s simplistic design makes it viable for everyone. All of you have to do is login to your Twitter and follow other users, as simple as that! Following users helps you gain Mods, which in turn gets you, followers.

However, few important things to remember is the website doesn’t accept accounts that don’t look real. So, you need to have at least 25 followers, 100 tweets and a profile picture for the account to get approved.

  • No need to create a new account, Sign in from your Twitter account
  • Verified user base with authentic, precise and targeted followers
  • Easy dashboard


 Another great way to get free twitter followers without following back is 500 Followers. This website is simple to navigate, all of you have to do is login with your Twitter credentials and start following!

500 Followers works on points, you accumulate points and the more points you have, more the followers. Simply followers will get 5 points and these 5 points get you 5 followers instantly, plus 20 points daily!

  • Simple ways to new followers
  • 20 Free credits every day
  • Get followers instantly
  • VIP Membership
  • Choose the followers in your interest

Jet Followers

Jet Followers is the easiest way get free twitter followers instantly! All you have to do is login to the account, gain points post login and use these points to get followers instantly!


Similar to the website called jetfollowers, you get 20 free points on a daily visit which can be converted to 20 twitter followers to your account. 20 points for 20 followers, all you have to do is daily visit!

  • 20 Free credits everyday
  • Genuine targeted followers, without spam


This is also a clone website of Jet Followers. Gain credits on a daily basis post every login, use these credits to get free twitter followers instantly. Many followers, with limited work.


The website is among the top favourites to get free twitter followers. It operates as a follower exchange site. Login to the website by using your Twitter credentials. This website works on the basis of seeds, you get seeds by simply following others. A number of seeds determine the followers. It is easy to get 400- 500 followers.


Like the websites mentioned above, Addmefast helps you generate followers via points. You need to sign up and activate your account. On logging in, you can generate points by following other Twitter users, viewing Videos and various other means! These points can be used to generate more followers.

  • Leaders in promoting on social networks with a user-friendly interface
  • 500000 active users across 221 countries
  • Secure payment methods

Let’s now look into some useful tips, to get free twitter followers!

  1. Follow everyone- How do you get noticed on Twitter? Follow everyone. Literally, go through as many Twitter profiles as possible and click follow. Do this 1,000 times and you’ll get around 900 follows back.
  2. Use a relevant Photo with your Tweet and Retweet – Pictures with tweet seems more attractive and increases your chance of being retweeted exponentially. Also, retweet every link that comes from your friend
  3. Constantly tweet about what you’re doing Tweet – Very often, no one likes a static account. Tweet as often as possible and if you have nothing to tweet about, write about the food or the weather but write every 1 hour. Also, tweet about your work
  4. Add a ‘Follow’ icon on your website – It is a good idea to link your website to another social networking site that you’re on so friends can connect with you on that site also and have followers with shared interest
  5. Engage in discussions – Attach a witty opinion or engaging question to get your followers engaged and do not forget to hashtag
  6. Have a unique Twitter bio – People tend to scan the Twitter bio, to gauge if your tweets will be relevant to them. An interesting bio can be a great tool in getting genuine followers
  7. Use hashtags – By hashtagging your tweets, you’re exposing your brand in front of millions who are actively searching for that topic. If they find their answer with your tweet, they will most likely follow you because they respect and want to receive more relevant content in the near future
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