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8 Video Advertising Trends You Should Know And Opt

Do you watch online videos? Yes, Most of us in some form or the other watch online videos. It could be either hooking up on Facebook or watching our favorite TV shows. The trend of video advertising is because of digital media, Smartphones, 4G services, etc. Video Advertising Trends is in boom and stats show that the money spent on it would reach a figure of $6 BILLION by 2018.


Latest Video Advertising Trends.

  • Facebook

It is observed that Facebook videos generate more traffic and are more favored by people. There has been an increase of 3.6 times from the previous years in video content in the span between 2014 and 2015.Various brand such as BuzzFeed uses the power of video content. Facebook new introduction 360 video, helps in making appealing content and better Video Advertising Trends.


YouTube has over a billion users, and it has been noticed that there has been an increase of about 50% in respect to average viewing session from the year 2014.Jamie Oliver’s Food tube is one of the most viewed YouTube channels which has more than 2 million subscribers.


SNAPCHAT has over 10 billion views on a daily basis due to their creative content strategy. To make the video more engaging, many brands are testing with the SNAPCHAT’s vertical video and unique appeal.

  • Videos in Email Marketing

The use of video content in email marketing has brought anew evolution in the field of video advertising. There has been an increase of 35% in customer loyalty leading to an increase of 50% in CTR as well. Another important point to be considered concerning video advertising is that the word “video” in subject lines generates interest in recipients which leads to an increase of 19% in open rate.

Various use of video content in an email are:-

  • Awareness of brand
  • Product promotion
  • Testimonials of various customers
  • Detailed explanation of the product

The most effective type of video content is Training courses, and product demos is the second ultimate choice.

  • Live streaming

It has been witnessed that users are 3X more interested in watching the live videos as in compare to normal videos. Periscope is one of the best live streaming platforms

And various brands take advantage of its broadcasting service. Approx, 15% brands, avail periscope services due to its various features such as live coverage of an event, sneak peak or a press conference.

  • Using GIFs on social media

GIFs have become very important part of content marketing strategy, and they are quite useful in showing extensive version of video content. GIFs are useful in customer service, brand’s promotion etc. Disney is one of the popular GIFs based platforms which uses GIFs while interacting with various users.

  • Product and Landing page videos

Videos on the landing page of thevarious website can increase further conversations up to 80%, and more customers are bound to stay on the website. The Videos can help introduce the company to the customers. Videos are usually found in About Us section of a page, and this strategy is very successful for a company like Zappos. The Videos on the website help build trust among customers and thus make them feel the genuine representation of the actual product.

  • Branded Video Content

As per the study, Branded video contents make audiences aware of the topics in which the brands already have domain expertise, and this can make a hike in customers overnight. The study shows that branded video content can grasp consumers 59 percent more effectively as compared to display and native ads.


Reaching your customers through Video Advertising Trends over digital media is the best way to reach them. As everyone is obsessed with watching videos whether on social media like Facebook, twitter or YouTube or from other messengers. So it’s very easy to reach millions of customers within seconds just with quality video advertisement of your product. All the above points will certainly make you realize that how these trends can affect your company’s growth.



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