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5 Best Google Daydream Apps That You Must Give a Try!!

Google Daydream has created a new sensation in the world of virtual reality. You can utilize it for something better other than watching movies – gaming. There are so many free apps available on the play store. But Google daydream apps will take you certainly on a different level. Let’s start a discussion about the best Google daydream apps.

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Let’s Dig into some best Google Daydream Apps:

Hunter’s Gate

Hunter’s Gate is a beautifully designed game which provides a third person view for exploring it thoroughly. It gives you feeling like a laptop game and you will feel like you are on the top of a gigantic war hammer.

While playing the game, enemies attack from all directions. The game has simple controls – only aiming in the enemy’s direction automatically projectiles fire at them.

The game is worth downloading.

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Mekorama provides an excellent appearance with featuring Monument Valley and a cute little robot. You have to use your little brain to solve the puzzles. You can manipulate the surroundings technically by making the robot to navigate from beginning to end. Various QR codes are available online for multiple levels.

Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

You will appreciate waving around the magic wand and getting up close with three gigantic magical beasts. The Harry Potter fans, kids and alike will love this game and its visuals. It is a spell-casting, potion-making and beast petting game set in the magical world of Harry Potter.

Fantastic Beasts could provide well orientation to the VR first timers. It would be exciting to see a more developed version of this game in which Daydreams view’s controller will be integrated more heavily.


Wonderglade is the Google daydream app which is aimed at kids. However, you can play this game and barge them out of their way as you are bigger than them. You can play golf, whack diamonds out of the air with a stick, put out fires with a host etc. Google headset makes this game a fun by using the different controls of Daydream View Controller.

You will enjoy the cartoon visuals and this Google Daydream Apps is worth downloading. Childish graphics and sound are vibrant and detailed. Furthermore, you can download this app for free.


If you wanted to be a gun-slinging cowboy, this game is for you. You can play 15 different levels with a lot of shooting and slinging. Recently, two buttons are added – Resume and Continue. You can resume the game whenever you want and continue the game from the same stage where you left off.

There is also a Hold button which can be used to skip the stages you find boring. You have to hold down the button on the controller to so as to skip the stages.

You can live your childhood dream of being a cowboy with this Google Daydream App. Plus, you can relieve your stress by blasting bad guys with a magical gun.

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